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Investment Casting Process :

The detailed explanation of the investment casting process is intended to help our customers learn about investment to be able to make better purchasing decisions.

Wax Injection :
Replicas of the desired investment casting are produced by injection molding. These replicas are referred to as patterns.
Assembly of Wax Tree :
Patterns are then attaced to a central wax stick, called a sprue, to form a casting. This is called a wax free.
Ceramic Shell Building :
The shall is built by immersing the wax free assembly in liquid ceramic slurry and then into a bed of fluidized fine sands. Upto eight layers my be applied iin this manner depending on the shape and weight of the part.
Dewax :
Once the ceramic is dry, the wax is then melted out, creating a negative impression of the assembly within the ceramic and sand shell. This process uses autoclaves to maintain shell integrity.
Conventional Casting :
In the conventional lost wax casting process, the preheated shell is filled with melten metal by gravity pouring the metal into the ceramic shell. As the metal cools, the parts, gates, sprue and pouring cup become one solid casting. Shell temperature and melt temperature will vary depending on the alloy.
Knockout :
Once the metal is cooled and solid, the ceramic shell is broken off by vibration.
Cut off of Parts :
The parts are then cut away from the central sprue using a high speed saw.
Finished metal Investment Castings :
After minor finishing operations, the metal investment castings identical to the original was pattern are ready for dispatch to the customer.
We are able to provide finished stainless steel investment casting, steel investment casting, aluminum investment casting, cobalt alloy investment casting, nickel alloy investment casting and precision investment castings in custom built metals.
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