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Manufacturers of Precision Investment Castings
for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals

Investment Casting Process
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We are in the business of Precision Investment Castings. We have established a new foundry with named Advik Hi-Tech Industries which is recognized leader in both high-volume and short-run production of the finest quality castings available in Precision Investment Castings in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals.

We manufacturer of Precision Investment castings in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals as per Indian and Overseas Standards.

Customer satisfaction starts with our experts offering casting engineering assistance to customers.

Vision : We aim at Excelling in all our Products and Services delivered to our customers.

We believe that it takes years together to build a healthy relationship, based on faith and confidence. Infect, this is the secret of our successful existence. We wish to update all the times to achieve our aim by associating our selves with :

» Newer Ideas.
» Revolutionary thoughts.
» Firm determination towards.
» Consistent product quality.
» Consistent service quality.

In time delivery.

» Prompt Response.
» Identification of Areas of improvement through out the business operation.
Mission : We are committed to our work and our customers in totality. On the way of fulfilling our commitments, we shall :
» Identify customers needs / expectations and satisfying them to the utmost level.
» Measure the customer satisfaction in scientific and quantifiable manner.
» Take appropriate actions for continuous improvements in the identified gray areas.

Implement proper management system.

» Employ adequate resource management system.

Maintain healthy employee relationship.

» Provide adequate pollution control measures.
» Automotives
» Defense
» Industrial Valve
» Industrial Process Pumps
» Power Plant Boiler Parts
» Earth Moving Machinery
» Engineering & Automation
» Medical Implants
» Hardwares
» Marine Applications
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